How Often to Change Spark Plugs

row of spark plugs

It’s easy to learn how often to change spark plugs with the helpful guides at the Lexus of Cherry Hillservice center. So, when do you change spark plugs? That depends. In our guide, we’ll help you learn about the signs indicating your spark plugs need to be changed. And whether you need help changing spark plugs or have questions about oil change services, we’re here to help!Schedule a service appointment today!

The Check Engine Light is On

One of the easiest ways to indicate that your spark plugs need to be changed is when the check engine light turns on. While this light can turn on due to a faulty reading, it’s something you’ll want to get checked out. Our technicians can help determine what the issue is. If you find you have an issue bigger than just changing the spark plugs, our service department will fix your car quickly so you can get back to cruising the Moorestown roads safely.

Your Car Has Trouble Starting

Another sign to know how often to change spark plugs is when your vehicle doesn’t start right away. This, much like the check engine light, could be due to a number of reasons. If you’d rather have the professionals take a look, bring your vehicle in for a diagnosis.

Listen to Your Engine

If you notice your engine making noises while driving on Philadelphia roads, this could be another sign letting you know when to change spark plugs. If you hear a rattling or another alarming nose, you’ll want to bring your vehicle in for service before continuing on. Your engine making an off-putting noise is its way of telling you that something is wrong, which could mean it’s time to give those spark plugs some much-needed attention.

Get Expert Service at Lexus of Cherry Hill

Still not sure how often to change spark plugs? Get in touch with the Lexus of Cherry Hill service team. We can help you determine when the time comes, as well as help you get them replaced at a more affordable price with our service specials. We also offer parts specials so you can save more on the parts you need. Contact us with any questions.

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