Where is Lexus Made?

How did your Lexus ES or Lexus RX make its way to the roads of Voorhees? Many customers wonder where Lexus is from originally and just who owns the company. And while the cars are produced primarily in Japan, you might be surprised by just how many models are manufactured in North America! From Fukuoka to Ontario to Georgetown, find out the origins of your Lexus.

Where are Lexus Cars Made?

So, just where is Lexus made? This luxury giant has plants spanning different countries to keep up with intense demand around the world. Here is a rundown of the seven manufacturing plants where Lexus cars are made:

  • Toyota Tahara Plant (Tahara, Japan): Lexus LS, IS, GX, LX, and RC
  • Toyota Yoshiwara Plant (Toyota, Aichi, Japan): Lexus LX
  • Toyota Motor Kyushu (Miyawaka, Fukuoka, Japan): Lexus UX
  • Toyota Miyata Plant (Miyawaka, Fukuoka, Japan): Lexus IS and ES
  • Toyota Motomachi Plant (Toyota, Aichi, Japan): Lexus LC
  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada, Inc. (Cambridge, Ontario, Canada): Lexus RX, Lexus RX Hybrid
  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky, Inc. (Georgetown, Kentucky, United States): Lexus ES

What Company Owns Lexus?

You might know that Lexus is known for stunning style and world-class engineering, but what company owns Lexus? Toyota is the owner of Lexus, though they remain separate brands with distinctive points of view. Toyota is headquartered in the city of Toyota, while Lexus is stationed primarily in Nagoya. But Lexus also has operational centers from Brussels, Belgium to Plano, Texas. In fact, you can find Lexus vehicles in over 70 countries and territories around the globe. Japanese drivers make up the largest percentage of Lexus sales worldwide, but American drivers are a very close second.

Learn More about Lexus with Lexus of Cherry Hill

Now that you know where Lexus cars are made, visit Lexus of Cherry Hill to try out the incredible designs and engineering that has made the brand an international success. Whether you want to step inside the Lexus RX 350 interior, learn about who manufactures Lexus models, or try out Lexus AWD models, our team can help you find just the right car for your needs in Lexus of Cherry Hill. Feel free to contact us with any questions or stop by the dealership for your test drive!

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